Creating Page as a Template in MS-Visio 2003

Hi all,

I use Microsoft Visio 2003 for creating wireframes. While working on a complete task flow I create multiple wireframes covering every screen in flow. Most of the time it happens to me that there is some textual change or placement of some component has to be changed at the global level (Navigation/Header/Search, etc), at this point I need to update every page/screen. I either copy-paste or manually change it. Problem is with alignment and its time consuming. I always thought of some kind of “template” feature in Visio for this.
But now I got one way to do this.
It’s pretty simple.

1. You create on screen/template (like we create template in Dreamweaver) in one tab.
2. Go to “Page Setup” from File menu
3. In “Page Property” tab, set the type of page as “Background”
4. Complete you design, copy it create new tab and paste it as a “Background”
5. That’s it, if you want to change something across the pages/screens, make changes in the first screen (template) and it’ll be reflected in all the pages.

However there is one negative side, you cannot select the template page in any other page. i.e. If you select all the screen, template content won’t be selected.


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